Lowcstdiscount ( (also referred to in this document as “we”, “our” or “Lowcstdiscount”) is committed to protecting the privacy of all individuals in respect of whom we hold personal information. It includes our service-providing and communicating activities that are being provided through our website. Please read the following Privacy Policy which explains how we use and protect your personal information. This Privacy Policy applies to the use of all our services and websites (and web-based services) on which a link to this policy appears.

We take your privacy seriously and we are committed to keeping your information private. To the extent, we are required by law. The way we will use, store, and process your information has been described in this Privacy Policy and we will not use your data any other way.

By providing us with any information about yourself, you understand that we will process your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.  


  • Personal Information Collection And How We Collect It
  • Our Legal Basis For Collecting And Using Your Personal Information
  • How We Will Use Your Data
  • Personal Information That We Share With Third Parties
  • How To Unsubscribe From Any Email Alerts That You Receive
  • Changes To Our Privacy Policy
  • Contact Information


We may collect the information from you in the following ways.  

2.1. Information That You Provide Us Directly

We collect personal information whenever you contact us and provide us with information that we can identify you by, including when you contact us by email, live chat, or when you sign up to use any of our services.

2.2. Information That We Automatically Collect (Including Use Of “Cookies”)

We automatically gather certain limited information about your visits to our website. This includes demographic data and browsing patterns. Information automatically received includes you: IP address (which identifies the computer or device that you use to access the website); the time and date of your visit; browser; operating system; internet connection details, as well as a breakdown of your journey through our website and products that you searched for. This is used to build up professional and marketing profiles, aid strategic development, manage our relationship with advertisers, assess potentially fraudulent or other criminal activities, and the usage of the website.

2.3. Use Of Cookies

We utilize cookies to gather information, which is small sets of data that a web server sends to a web browser, allowing the server to retrieve information from the browser. Our use of cookies also enables registered users to receive a customized version of the Lowcstdiscount website. Please keep in mind that disabling cookies may result in certain services on our website being unavailable. Your browser can be set up to either accept, reject or notify you when a cookie is established, although the process varies depending on the browser. If you choose to reject all cookies, you may be unable to use services that require you to sign in, and you may not be able to fully utilize all of our website’s features.

2.4. Information That We Collect From Third Parties

We use third-party communication platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, and WhatsApp to communicate with our clients. In that regard, third-party partners of Lowcstdiscount may be used to collect that regarding the different circumstances. This may be the case where we have to share your information within the limits of this privacy policy. In this regard, we may request any third party to provide your data.


The primary reason for all types of personal data collection (directly or indirectly) is rendering our affiliate-providing services. In particular, we are an affiliate of the Amazon Associates Program and all the services on the Lowcstdiscount are subject to Amazon policies including sharing and processing of data collection.  We only collect and share users’ data to make our services better and make sure any personal information can only be used where there is a lawful basis to do so. We rely on one or more of the following grounds to legally collect and use your personal information:

  • The data is necessary for the performance of the contract which we have with you (i.e. to provide our services to you);
  • We are using your personal information where it is in our legitimate interests to do so;
  • We have a legal obligation to process your personal information;
  • You have consented to the use of your personal information by us.


We will use your personal information to enable us to provide our services to you and enable you to use the Lowcstdiscount’s website, including, for the following purposes:

4.1. Rendering Our Services

We will use your personal information for the following purposes where it is necessary to render our service in the following ways:

  • To deal with your inquiries and requests;
  • To provide you with updates about developments on the website;
  • To provide you access to a third-party product or service that can be accessed via your account on our website;
  • To provide access to gated content published on our website by us;
  • To enable our data processors (such as our group companies and hosting providers) to provide services (or components thereof) requested by you.

4.2. For Our Business Interest

We may use your personal information where we have a legitimate business interest to do so. These legitimate interests are:

  • To personalize aspects of our services to you;
  • To carry out market research or surveys about our products and services;
  • For marketing and strategic development purposes, for example, to identify trends usage;
  • To enable our data processors (such as our group companies and hosting providers) to provide services (or components thereof) requested by you;
  • To market our products and services to you in conjunction with your position at an organization;
  • For the proper keeping of business records;
  • To analyze and create statistical reports based on the services we provide and our performance of those services;
  • To enable you to continue accessing a product or service which you use in the event that the product or service is transferred to a third-party organization;

4.3. Legal Obligation

We will use your personal information where we are legally obliged to do so, this includes:

  • For financial reporting and auditing purposes,
  • For any legal compliances and legal obligations;
  • For copyright ownership claims, detection, and reporting;
  • To maintain records of actions taken on your account.


Lowcstdiscount grants all users privacy rights in accordance with global privacy laws, including GDPR and CCPA. This statement is provided to all users who purchase our products or use our services in compliance with GDPR and CCPA. Users have the right to access their personal information and know how it is being stored on our website. They can also request the removal or transfer of their data. Under GDPR, users have the right to know what personal data is being collected, whether it is sold or disclosed and to whom, access to their personal data, and the ability to request the deletion of any personal information about them. Users also have the right to know how our website collects their personal data.

Our website also complies with CCPA, which is a law enacted for the residents of the USA and specifically for the residents of California. While we do not sell personal information for monetary consideration, we work with and share personal information with certain partners and third parties unless otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy. Users in California hold certain rights that apply to the collection, storage, and sharing of their personal information. They can contact us to exercise their rights under CCPA. Users have the right to know what personal information our website collects, who we share their data with, delete their data, and receive non-discriminatory services.


If you have elected to receive information about our products or services or the products or services offered jointly with or on behalf of other organizations and/or “alerts” from us via email (for example, by creating an email alert for a job) and would like at any time to unsubscribe from this service, please contact us through our website.

We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. When we do, the changes will be displayed on this page. By continuing to use our services and/or our website, you agree to the updated Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to any changes that we make, you should not use or access (or continue to use or access) our services and/or our website.


If you have any feedback or suggestion you can contact us through the website or by using this e-mail:

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